Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make Do March Day 28....strap up

Hallo Everybody!
Hows Spring going for you all? We are in the throngs of "break-up"...aka melting. Now, remember while many of you in the lower 48, aka the Outside...have had the warmest winters on record and summer weather lately....we have not. We actually have set records or nearly set records for cold and snow.  So we have about 3 feet of snow and in some places about 8 feet of "break-up" consists of this:
Day 1: Melting,  Beautiful, Sunny
Night 1: Everything place...instantly
Day 2: ICE--everywhere....melting....flooding of the roads....
Night 2: Everything place...instantly


Fun huh? Actually, the sun is fantastic. We have light from 7:33 am today until 8:37 pm....and it's warm! I'm excited, but I know Andy isn't due to the fact that he is losing snow for skiing...

Now...onto the craftiness of the day. This past weekend I made a bunch of "insta-nursing covers". The straps that you can use to make any blanket into a nursing cover. I made them in an array of covers...and can I say my Simplicity Bias Tape maker made things super easy! It's my favorite, favorite tool that I have in my sewing repertoire.

I'm really liking how they turned out!

What say you?

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  1. Ah, how do these work on a blanket? I have made some with a stiffening along the top and a piece hanging down (about 18 x 18) mom can 'peek' down in with still being covered on the front.

  2. these are more just to make a cover in a pinch. They can pinch one side of the blanket, go around the moms neck and pinch the other side of the blanket. I'll try to get a picture taken to give you an example.


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