Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make Do March Day 8: curtain call

Early last summer, we bought some curtains at Value Village...we bought them mostly for our basement so nobody could see in when we were gone. The curtains we bought were too long and so Andy had a brilliant idea of cutting them in half and using the bottom portion in our upstairs office. The sun can be uber bright and it likes to hit us directly in the eyes, so it seemed we had found a solution.
But...we didn't cut them straight, and for some reason Andy thinks that the decorated side of the curtains should be facing out...hence the color being faced out in the first two pictures. I was super lazy and didn't do anything about it until now.
See the raw edges? Not attractive!

Blurry pictures cause I had to use our old camera...Andy had the other one out skiing and I didn't want to wait! You get the idea though.

 I had this really nice upholstery fabric that I got at a garage sale last year...I used some of it to cover a foot rest. It was a perfect color match and added some weight to the bottom of the curtains. I just straight stitched it on and...voila!
  Much better yes? It also helps that I turned the curtains around to the right way....he didn't even notice until I pointed it out! But he does like it!
What do you think?

I got the sewing bug last night and I also made this strap for my friend Chelsea. Chels is expecting her first baby...a little girl! I saw this strap on this blog. And I thought it was such a great idea! What it does is turn any blanket a mother has on hand into a nursing cover.
She simply has to clip the strap to a blanket...put it around her neck....instant nursing cover!
I ended up putting a bow on the end of was super simple and I hope she'll get lots of use out of it!

All the materials I used today I had in my craft room...

Happy Make Doing!


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