Sunday, March 4, 2012

Make Do March Day 4: scarf time

If you're ever around me, you'll know I like scarfs...I wear them ALL the time. But I'm also incredibly cheap frugal and I hate spending money on them. Especially since they usually cost a ridiculous amount of money...20 dollars? thanks! 
So what does a frugal girl do? Think of other-ways-to-get-what-she-wants-out-of-things-she-already-has of course! I had some long sleeve t-shirts in my closet...that didn't fit right or just needed to I used them to create this lovely, diverse, fantastical scarf. Of course, I forgot to take pictures beforehand, but they were just plain color long sleeve shirts that everyone has in their closet.

The fun part is that it's actually a scarf you can wear many different ways....

(don't mind this picture...I took them late at get the idea, right?)
Here's what I did: I cut the shirt in ONE long strip, angling it up....kinda like cutting a bias tape. Then I cut the long piece into several other pieces and tied them together at the top. Just like that you have a scarf...and it cost $0. nothing. nada. and it only took about 20 minutes.

I MADE Do....and got a loverly scarf in the process:)

What are you Make Doing?

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