Monday, March 19, 2012

Make do March Day 19 Curtain fix and a Link UP!

Living in Alaska winters can be trying what with all the snow and the short days but summer makes up for that with hours of wonderful sunlight! However all that light does pose a problem when trying to sleep so room darkening shades are a must. You can buy them ready made or buy darkening fabric and add it to your existing curtains which is what I did for the curtains my mom made for Aria's room, almost 2 yrs ago.  And this is what I did with the fabric for a 1.5yr...pathetic I know.  My excuse was that the only time I had to do it was when Aria was napping and then I needed the curtains up. While that's true it's not that sewing isn't possible with Aria awake, it just takes longer as Aria loves to "help", mostly by sitting on the fabric ;)!
After getting up with Aria at the crack of dawn this morning I decided it was time to remedy my curtain embarrassment.  More embarrassing was how little time it took to fix them, sigh...I can't believe how lazy I can be!! Well that's not true, I can but here's hoping I can continue finishing off my projects once Make do March is done!   
So much better!!

Happy Sewing


Link Up TIME!!!!

1. Please link up posts that go along with the theme of Make Do March
~ Using whatcha got....little or no trips to the store
~ Checking things off your project list
~ finishing those abandoned projects
~ you get the picture:)
It doesn't have to be from today...we always like oldies but goodies!
2. Comment on the other posts that are linked up!
3. Link back to us so others can join in the fun...either with a link or button!
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