Saturday, March 3, 2012

Make do March Day 3 Picture this...

Make do March fits in perfectly with my New Year resolution to declutter my house.  Last summer I purchased a stack of frames from Ikea ( I love IKEA!!!!) and they have sitting in my craft room gathering dust.   I finally decided to put them to use and started by putting up paper frames to see if I liked the arrangement.
 Three days later I began the measuring process...can I tell you how much I hate measuring!!! (And it is impossible with a rug rat running around your ankles :)!)  So it took me 3 days until I began hanging them up and I really like how it turned out. 
I only had one measuring miscalculation that was easy to fix and as you can see I'm missing 2 small frames. I didn't have an arrangement in mind when I bought the frames. Since we don't have an IKEA I found 2 frames that will work with the others and I am currently spray painting them. But I'm thinking if I move the 2 smaller frames closer together I might not need the other 2.
What do you think? Now all I need is to print off some pictures and it will be complete. Hopefully that doesn't take me another yr as well!! :)
What are you working on?


  1. Oh yeah I can stop by there if you need the other two frames. It looks great though! I especially like the side ways pic of aria:)

    1. This is Vanessa will only let me post thru Anonymous.

  2. I agree that if you put the smaller ones closer together you probably won't need two more. What wall is this?


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