Wednesday, April 18, 2012

where ya been?

Hello's been a while...hasn't it? Did you miss us? Hope so:)
Since all of you in the lower  48 have had spring and sunshine for a long time already, you may not be super excited about sunshine. But, let me tell you, when the sun comes out up here, we Alaskans are r.e.a.d.y. to go out and play. So where have we been?
Playing of course!
Last Sunday, Nathania, Storman, Aria, Andy, Lucy and I went on a hike to the saddle of a mountain nearby called Mt. Magnificent. It was a beautiful day. Full of sunshine and thus making it warm. Like 55-60 degrees warm. Just what you want after a winter that broke more than one record!
This is the view from the top of the saddle. Although you still see was warm..warm enough for the snow to melt so we post-holed almost the whole way. We had snow shoes, but they don't do much when you're headed down the mountain.

Aria and "Ooshy"
Aria is obsessed with Lucy. No joke. Apparently she wakes up saying her name and whenever I see her the first thing that comes out of her mouth is not "hi" but rather "Ooshy"
Its quite funny because she's still doesn't want to get too close to Lucy...but giggles and giggles when she gets licked!

See I told you it was warm!

It was a fantastic Sunday. I want to do the hike again after all the snow is gone, so we don't have to post-hole the whole time.

Now, switching dinner. Beef is whats for dinner.
Steak to be exact. It's grilling time again so we enjoyed this wonderful healthy dinner tonight.
I have no skills when it comes to buying steak. I don't know what to get. But then again neither does Andy, so whatever I buy we eat. I don't know what kind of steak this is, it just had the least amount of fat on it. I don't like fat on my meat. It's gross and it usually makes me not want to eat steak.
When I was younger I would sit through dinner, carefully picking out the fat. No joke. My steak has to be cooked all the way through too. No pink for me....which drove my brothers crazy. They like their steak still mooing. Wow, that was long winded and I'm not sure anyone cares to know...but I'm sharing, so there you have it.
I marinated the steak in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, S&P, some big grain mustard, and some parsley. Nothing measured...just thrown in. It ended up being pretty darn tasty.

We also grilled the veggies on the grill in a pan. It was delicious!

Now, if this post wasn't random enough...
look at this rose Andy brought me yesterday. Perfect right? And it smells sooo good. It made my night.

Oh and it's currently 9:02 PM...this is the view from our house. The sun is still up.
Who wouldn't love that?

We promise not to leave for so long again!


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