Monday, April 30, 2012


What did you all do this past weekend?
We worked in the yard this weekend...we had some snoopy visitors.....

We were able to get some free brick off of craigslist. Talk about a steal! We had to dig them up but it didn't take that long!

See that? Green grass!

My hostas are coming back up! WOOhoo!

This is my un-planted raised bed. I only planted half of it last year, but it did really well and so I wanted to expand

So we built another bed...just gotta get some dirt!

We also put a make-shift walkway out of pavers between the two beds. Less mowing!

So now I have to two beds to grows stuff in this year! SOO excited!

What did you do this weekend?


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  1. Wow, winter is almost over. We had raised beds for vegs for many years. They have been taken over by neglect at this stage. We went to a killer yard sale and ended up making 5 trips to the same sale! The prices were incredible and we got way too much stuff. I just hope to sell some of it so we can make room for more... We spent yesterday at a park with some of our Christian friends. After a short Bible study, we grilled keilbasa to put into tortillas and everyone brought a salad, drink and dessert. Those that were younger (or thought they were) played some softball. It was very enjoyable day. Hope you day was too.


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