Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lets sit on it!

It's been a busy April so far and I can't believe we are already in the middle of the month!  We've had home renovations being done, I've done some sewing, we spent a relaxing week in Port Graham, my husbands home town and I made an attempt at reupholstering a small chair. I say attempt b/c while it has been redone it has a few flaws. 

This was my first attempt and while pondering the project I thought this shouldn't be too hard. I'll take the cover off, undo the stitches, use the separated pieces as my pattern, sew them back together, maybe replace some padding, put new cover on, staple on to frame and done.   So easy, what could go wrong!? Well a lot apparently! 

Steps 1-3 went off without a hitch, step 4 was not stellar as pattern pieces were longer and shorter than I thought they needed to be so I fudged along, step 5 was just gross and I inhaled nasty old padding bits, oh and I purchased slightly thicker padding than the original so step 6 required more muscle than anticipated and padding had to be rearranged but I enjoyed step 7 as it meant I was done! The end result was a plump clean chair with no holes in the fabric but wrinkles and puckers in odd spots.  Oh well, I was not about to rip apart seams so while it will not win any reupholstering awards I love the new fabric, Aria is happy to have her chair back and it will be yrs before I tackle another project like this!!!  

New cover with wonky arms
but from a distance it looks ok!


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